Logan Schiwitz Earns All-State Honors

On Friday, November 3rd, 2023, three members of the Scott City Cross Country Rams competed in the state meet with great determination and perseverance. Out of the many talented athletes at the meet, senior Logan Schiwitz finished in 23rd place on the girls side, earning the prestigious title of All-State in Cross Country, an incredible achievement. Junior Jorden Depree finished at an impressive 127th place. His hard work and commitment to training throughout the season has allowed him to reach new heights and set a great example for his teammates. Additionally, freshman Asher Spinks finished at 61st place, demonstrating excellent endurance and a bright future in Cross Country.

This has been a season of many ups and downs, with the team facing some tough challenges along the way. However, the Cross Country Rams never stopped working, with each team member striving to be their best both individually and for the benefit of the team. Through their determination, they have not only grown as athletes, but also as individuals, taking on the challenges of the sport with great resiliency.

Overall, the SC Cross Country Rams have had an outstanding season, with these three performances at the state meet being a clear demonstration of their hard work and dedication. Congratulations to all the athletes for their efforts, with a special commendation to Logan Schiwitz for her impressive achievement as an All-State Cross Country runner. Here’s to a great season and many more to come!