Middle School Track and Field Schedule

*Bus Departure times are subject to change

DateMeetTimeLocationBus DepartureResults
21 Mar Dexter Invitational4:00 pmDexter2:00 pm
25 Mar Kelly Invitational4:00 pmKelly2:50 pm
27 Mar Jackson Invitational4:00 pmJackson2:40 pm
28 Mar East Prairie Invitational4:00 pmEast Prairie2:30 pm
3 Apr Sikeston Invitational4:00 pmSikeston2:20 pm
11 Apr Malden Invitational4:00 pmMalden2:15 pm
16 Apr Perryville Invitational4:00 pmPerryville2:30 pm
18 Apr Scott City Open4:00 pmScott City
24 Apr Cape Central Invitational4:00 pmCape Central3:15 pm