The Rame Page for 2nd Quarter Released!

The newest edition of The Ram Page is out and it is packed with exciting stories about Scott City Schools. This quarter’s edition features interviews with Superintendent Umfleet and head football coach, Coach May. Readers will be treated to insights on the latest developments in the school and the success stories of the volleyball and cross country teams. The Ram Page does an excellent job of showcasing the talent and achievements of the school’s students and staff.

In addition to sports coverage and interviews with school administrators, this quarter’s edition also includes a Community Spotlight on Bohemian Scrapsody, a new quilt store located on Main Street. This piece covers the founding story of the quilt store, its mission, and some of the unique and handmade products it offers. The Ram Page has been an excellent platform for highlighting local businesses and engaging with the wider community. This edition is no exception and will undoubtedly be a delight to readers.

Overall, this edition is a must-read for anyone who wants to stay informed about the pulse of the local school district and community. With its in-depth coverage, insightful interviews, and diverse features, The Ram Page continues to be a great source of information and inspiration. As always, you can find this edition of The Ram Page online (link below). So what are you waiting for? Get your copy today!

Click this link to view this month’s edition of The Ram Page.